Some highlights from "The Pro’s Edge: Vision Training for Golf" include:

Chapter 4 - Alignment - This chapter focuses on putting, chipping and the long game. In this chapter you will learn:

  • If your club is accurately aligned and the simple excercises you can do to test this.
  • How simple masking tape and a flat mirror can teach you much about your alignment.
  • Proper eye position over the ball. Do you know where your eyes are aligned? Do you know where they should be aligned?
  • Simple eye tracking excercises that will help you on the greens.
  • Ball and club shaft alignment techniques. You can use both the ball and the club shaft to properly align your shots. By practicing these techniques at home, you will be training your eyes to use these same alignment techniques on the links.

Chapter 6 - Reading the Greens - This informative chapter will concentrate on:

  • Improving your powers of observation.
  • Walking your eyes from the ball to the cup.
  • Eye muscle training for reading the greens.
  • The importance of peripheral vision when reading the greens. When you pull it all together, your vision will relax on the course, making this all come together for a crisper game.
  • The plumb bob. Many people complain that they can't do this. But now you'll know the secret- not only how to hold your club...but which eye and hand to use when trying the plumb bob.
  • Seeing the greens through the pro's eyes. There are many different facets to reading the greens, and the "elite's eyes" can help you see what you need to be looking for when on the greens.

Chapter 8 - The Mental Game - There are several important factors in this chapter. You will learn:

  • To develop a routine.
  • How to place yourself in the zone.
  • What is involved when you truly concentrate.
  • To practice relaxation and mind-body calming techniques.
  • How to practice visualization.
  • How to stay in the visual system.

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