Dr. Larry Lampert has worked with some of the top pro golfers in their efforts to improve their game. We all know that the way we look at an object is unique to us. We can be slanted one way or another, half focused or even think that we are completely focused and not be.

In optometry school I learned a lot about the way the brain interacts with the eyes. Over the years, I've combined all of it with my love of sports, including golf., Sports figures line up to pay me upwards of $300 per hour for one-on-one "sports vision training," and my schedule is always booked. Now I'm offering you the same training here, in the comfort of your home or office.

Why would I offer these powerful secrets to you? Sure, I can (and do) sell them for big money. But, I'm truly tired of seeing money be the only thing that stands between passionate golfers and the secrets that have helped so many pros improve their game. I want people to feel the same joy that the pros feel when their score drops or hit their "longest, straightest drive ever".

After a lot of tough thought I've finally compiled many of my best secrets into this easy to read, easy to use e-book, available as an instant download so you can have my useable golf vision training at the click of your mouse.

In my groundbreaking book, The Pro's Edge, I explain how vision training helps you to:

* Read the greens better, any time of day.
* Putt more consistently.
* Stroke the ball more smoothly.
* Drive with more precision.
* Altogether lower your golf score!

"Everything you wanted to know about how your eyesight affects your game, with self tests and tips to aid alignment, reading greens and judging speed and distance. Much more fascinating than it sounds."
- Golf Magazine -

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